Attention, Trevor and Pippa

Trevor’s Color-Arranged Shelves

Originally uploaded by Trevor.

Someone has taken the color-arranged spine premise of organizing books to an extreme (via Maggi Dawn). . . .

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3 Responses to Attention, Trevor and Pippa

  1. NTA says:

    How come the photo has text (yours) running through it?

  2. Liz Ditz says:

    Ooooookkaay then. That would make me very confused. But I do have my books organized by subject….sort of.

  3. AKMA says:

    Hi, Mom! I think the problem must be a disagreement between the HTML code and your browser. I suspect that you’re using something in the neighborhood of Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4, and those behave badly with the sort of code that flickr uses for these photos (even though flickr’s code is perfectly compliant with the relevant standards — the older browsers don’t display code as they ought to).

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