Spirit Blows Where It Will

Even if he hadn’t been one of my favorite students, I would appreciate Will Crawley’s very direct request that I add him to my blogroll. You have my link here, Will, and I will get around to changing the blogroll (but I’m a tad slow about that).

Will works for the BBC (former employer of Euan and Tom) as host of a program about religion; he’s sharp and articulate and I ought to listen more often, but it’s hard to remember. . . .

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4 Responses to Spirit Blows Where It Will

  1. Cybez says:

    What was Will like as a student? I’m sure the general public in N.I. would love to know :-)

  2. Will Crawley says:

    AKMA, resist that invitation to reminisce!

  3. AKMA says:

    Cybez, Will was a wonderufl student. Sometimes his light-heartedness outweighed his determination to excel in academic concentratrion, but even at his (rare) least diligent he was bright, attentive, and perfectly congenial.

    My most vivid memory of Will reamins his portrayal of me in the annual student revue, Theologiggle. I have a videotape of him bouncing across the stage with a fake ponytail and an exaggeratedly huge AIDS ribbon, singing “Greek Is the Language of Love.”

    The reason I defied your injunction, Will, is that someday I intend to digitize that tape and make it available on the net. I thought you might like advance warning.

  4. Cybez says:

    AKMA, I’m looking forward to a “this is your life” blog, maybe Will could be the 1st 😉

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