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Writ Large

I haven’t read All the Sad Young Literary Men, and I’m not confident that I’ll get around to it eventually, but in Scott McLemee’s column/podcast about the book and its author, he quotes the following paragraph: The trouble is that … Continue reading

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No news on job fronts, dealing with father’s-death-stuff, keeping up with daily obligations, feeling a little down-hearted for the past day or so.

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Dreaming of Rome

No, not in the sense of swimming the Tiber; just because the Centre of Theology and Philosophy is holding its conference in Rome, with a provocative list of speakers, and a dearth of input (so far as I can tell) … Continue reading

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Me And Cheney

I can see why the Vice President likes this “undisclosed location” shtick. We’re enjoying the chance to unwind and to sleep and eat and watch movies or whatever on our own whimsical schedule.

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From Hiding

Margaret and I are camped out at an undisclosed location one train stop away from Princeton, for a two-day escape from the tumult that has surrounded us for the past two months (yes, it’s a two-month tumult). I’d be more … Continue reading

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The latest phase of the Seabury story is playing out now. The seminary will shortly release an announcement that they’re terminating the contracts of the entire faculty (though they expect to be able to continue operating a doctoral program in … Continue reading

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Speaking of Music

I bought a few downloadable music files the other day, and the experience reminded me of one of the baffling aspects of the digital-music controversy. Why is it that, when the format(s) for digital music files are now well-established, music … Continue reading

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Morning Selections

Since Apple laptops with iTunes, and various other devices, now enable you conveniently to set an alarm to begin your day with particular songs, what are the leading candidates for that role?   Obviously, the Beatles’ “Good Morning Good Morning.” … Continue reading

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From Paul

“Truth cannot impose itself except by virtue of its own truth, as it makes its entrance into the mind at once quietly and with power.”    Pope Paul VI, Dignitatis Humanae.

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Opprobrious Characterization

I have a short essay half-formed in my mind, developing my argument from “La Misère du Littéral” to make the point that the whole discourse of what counts as “literal” interpretation or “biblical literalism” has gone off its rails. The … Continue reading

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My Type

Micah sent me a link to this rant about typographic “mistakes.” I think it more charitable and more accurate to think of these as short cuts or simplifications, since few people know how to generate the more precise typographic glyphs, … Continue reading

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It’s not exactly a commonplace strictu sensu, but I can never remember the title of this Cat and Girl comic when I want to look for it.   I was reading an article in Inside Higher Education that cited Malebranche … Continue reading

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