Humble Research Is Better Than None

I have a colleague at Glasgow named Yvonne (Sherwood), and each time I send her an email I remember the pioneering African-American newscaster on Pittsburgh’s KDKA news station, Yvonne Forston,* whom the irascible Bill Currie persistently used to call “ ‘Y’-vonne” (pronounced “Wye – von”). I remembered it, but hadn’t known of other details of Yvonne Forston’s career, and I definitely hadn’t remembered that Bill Currie used to broadcast for the woe-begotten ACC athletic teams down the road from Duke. Now all that stuff has come back to life for me.
* She seems to have made relatively little impression on the Web; that’s a wrong thing, and if I still lived in the greater Philadelphia area I would track her down and try to get more details and reminiscences to record for digital archives.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Your Yvonne is presiding over my panel next week! How cool…

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