Sundry Stromateis

  • The NPR Fifty Top Recordings of the Aughties series covers a great deal of excellent music, calls to my attention some items I had neglected, and (of course) omits plenty that I’d have included. As is always the case, the point of a Top X list is to get readers arguing among themselves, so have at it.
  • I tend to dislike discussion forums, but Dooce’s newly-instituted forums include two recent topics to which I wanted to link. The first is the question about memorable matches between movie scenes and soundtrack music; the second is the topic “How do you react to a public toddler tantrum?”, to which I respond by linking to this ad from UK television.

    Not that I approve, of course, but (a) the mom’s appearance reminds me of a student I once had (don’t remember which); (b) the reaction shot of the formerly-tantrumming kid is terrific; (c) the mom’s expression and gesture to the kid after her tantrum are spot-on. Been there, haven’t done that.
  • I mislaid my calendar. I do that every time I try to keep a calendar responsibly. I hate it when that happens.
  • Rocker/theologian/designer Michael Iafrate has a sister Janet who published an article on Harry Potter and peaceable resistance. Well done, Janet!
  • The Bishop’s Office has contacted me; I have a “Permission To Officiate” license, so if you’ve been biding your time, waiting for me to perform some sacramental action, now’s your opportunity.
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2 Responses to Sundry Stromateis

  1. Mom says:

    What kind of action was that? Just kidding.

  2. AKMA says:

    “sacrtamental” — fixed, thanks!

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