The Win

A month ago, I posted this on Facebook — but there’s no obvious or convenient way to search your Facebook history, so after copious backward time-traveling, I recovered it and will post it here, easily searchable to me and the world:

At the end of the day, we live in a world with good food and people we can love and that’s in the ‘win’ column. And it’s a big enough win that no matter how horrible things get, even on a day when I can’t say that I really even believe that, I know it’s true.
      — John Darnielle in The Life Of The World To Come (the movie)

And now, back to writing the article about Darnielle.


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3 Responses to The Win

  1. Mom says:

    Have you stopped blogging?

  2. AKMA says:

    Well, in one sense I’ve been blogging more actively for the past while than I had been for the weeks before that; but if you would like more personal, reflective writing, that’ll come after I finish the article, four lectionary helps, and two book reviews that I’m working on just now. Article is almost entirely done; one book review is mostly written out. But it’s hard to generate much surplus literary energy when my (ill-considered) commitments lay claim to the first-fruits of my imagination.

  3. Mom says:

    OK, I know you are busier than I where it’s exciting watching the grass grow but I am not Facebooking!
    I love you regardless!

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