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Going Postal

Margaret had to stop by the Post Office™ (not the same as the US Postal Service) to pick up a package this evening, which turns out to have been a learning moment. I did not even know that Postal Pat had a theme song, but now I can’t get “Postal Pat, Postal Pat, Postal Pat and his black-and-white hat” out of my mind. So I thought I’d share.

Off To Edinburgh

I had wanted to affirm Madhavi’s and Margaret’s sense that I should cook up something new for today’s seminar, but this was not the fortnight in which I had time to refine my presentation. They’ll get my “Magritte, Krazy Kat, and Biblical Interpretation” talk, and some other time I’ll pound “Code Talking” into shape.
Not the greatest weather, but Margaret and I will wrap up in our overcoats and hop on ScotRail in a few minutes.

Bullet Time

I’m not Neo, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a succession of obligations this week whizzing at me like the missiles in The Matrix. Missing one day of a busy week for travel will do that, I guess. This week I must prepare two course proposals for next year (for our new-style taught Masters programme), continue interviewing colleagues for my Learning-and-Teaching responsibilities, continue developing one grant proposal and turn in another, write back to my wonderful hosts at Oxford, make time for community worship on Tuesday and Thursday, gear up for beginning my New Testament lectures Monday, and prep my role for the all-day Gospel of Matthew Study Day on Saturday.
It is good, though, to remember that the sermon seemed to have gone down well (it’ll be posted in the “extended” portion of the entry; it needs a couple of corrections, which I’ll get to anon) and that Margaret and I had a delightful time down south. I must say that the guest rooms in the Warden’s Lodgings — which the College had only just finished refurbishing Friday for our arrival Saturday — were extraordinarily comfortable and elegant. We’d have loved more time to meander and explore Oxford, but I think we dare hope that we may have another visit sometime.
Now, back to work.
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It’s been a very full week or so. My medical tests showed nothing of particular interest (an uninterestingness with which I’m very comfortable); I’ve been interviewing colleagues from around the University for my .2-time responsibilities to the Learning and Teaching Centre, celebrating All Hallows Eve at the Palais Faucher-King, going to meetings about our taught Masters degree curriculum and about the archives of Trinity College, and oh, hey, teaching a few classes, preparing for Margaret’s birthday (it was a wonderful day with gentle surprises and dear friends — thanks everyone!), and thinking ahead to tomorrow’s sermon at Keble College. We’re packed and about to leave for the airport.
All is well. Life is full.