What Was That?

Got up, housework, go to school, write, visit with Sr. Elena, lunchtime talk by (visiting) Bishop Gene Robinson, back to office for course prep, class on John 10 and 11, home, long phone call, dinner, chat with Margaret, pack — where did that day go?


(Sorry for the gender-specific language; this is one of those words for which a suitably resonant and evocative equivalent hasn’t come to my attention.)   I’ve been laboring (some would say, “obsessing”) over the details of my upcoming presentations to the clergy conference. I’d rather not work from a verbatim manuscript; that’s partly because the…


A week or so ago, Chris Lydon sent out an email advertising his interview with Slavoj Žižek; this week, he’s promoting an interview with Anna Deveare Smith. Keep an eye on Radio Open Source — you never know who will turn up on his show.


I had been withstanding considerable pain from plantar fasciitis (that could be really handy in a Scrabble game someday) through the summer and early fall. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, I gasped and winced as sharp pain engulfed my heel and arch. But last Saturday I forgot to take my daily naproxen,…

Not Drowning, Just Waving

Hard at work writing and incubating my presentations on Mark’s Gospel for next week. I’m working out the series as a supplementary response to Frank Kermode’s landmark The Genesis of Secrecy, framing Kermode’s interpretation from the standpoint afforded by my differential hermeneutics of signifying practices (though I won’t pelt the diocesan clergy with all that…