Archive Glasgow

The University Library’s website called my attention to a collection of publicly-available online digital movies and clips, the Scottish Screen Archive. I’ve been skimming the full collection of films about Glasgow, but especially a selection of clips available immediately online.

“Fuchsia” and “Colour”

(I’m just kidding about “colour”; I switched my spell-checker from US English to UK English, though, so I have to keep alert to my u’s and zeds.)   Randall Munroe of the top-rank webcomic xkcd amassed a gargantuan dump of imperfect-but-fascinating data about colour perception and naming. It doesn’t bring to my mind any grand…

Morning’s Sermon

I don’t really know what to say about this morning’s sermon. Just before the service, I was sure it needed another day or two spent marinating in my homiletical sauces; I suspect I was nervous because preaching about death can risk touching on some people’s very strong, very raw feelings. Moreover, I really wanted my…

Not What You May Have Heard

There were overlapping episcopal jurisdictions in Scotland for a significant interval. If, in the aftermath of the years ahead of us, there were overlapping episcopal jurisdictions in some provinces, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. Maybe not the worst outcome, either.