COVID World, hê Dékatê hÊméra

Yesterday went satisfactorily. I had college admin work to do, a staff meeting (by Zoom) and various follow-up errands. I didn’t have much time for reading — those FB and Twitter threads about the plague won’t read themselves — but I felt moderately productive, considering the challenges in trying to decompress from a manic Hilary Term during a pandemic crisis.

Yesterday my cousin and her husband in NYC seem to have passed the most dangerous phase of their COVID cases. The Prime Minister, the Health Minister, and the Chief MEdical Officer of the UK all seem to have COVID-19. So far, I’m not aware that the plague has touched the college directly, nor anyone I know at Oriel. It’s just a matter of time, though, and I’m a bit edgy from waiting for shoes to begin to drop. (I hope I have only a bipedal destiny, but this highly contagious infection means that my shoe-dropping destiny may be more like a large family of octopuses.)

This morning, the temperature was all the way up to 3°. No pauses this morning, so my time is closer to normal; occasional unwelcome icy breeze, but mostly ordinary physical condition, 10:03.

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