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• I’m really enjoying living here. It’s another grey, damp day, but the plain fact is that Glasgow is sunnier than we admit, and it’s green, and friendly, and home.
• Margaret and I have been fascinated and impressed by seeing urban foxes, but the news over here for the past few days has been dominated by the story of twin girls who were attacked in their nursery by a fox. The fox evidently came in by the patio door, climbed the stairs, and attacked one of the twins. (Don’t worry, Margaret and Pippa, it was in London.)
• Aware that Margaret is fascinated by crime in general and Glasgow’s gangster culture in particular, I saw the following placard the other day as I was running errands:

Headline Offline

Of course, I didn’t buy the paper; I figured I’d watch the BBC or look it up on Google news. But despite my persistent attention, I’ve seen not a byte of information about this story online. So — is this the result of the UK’s outlandish slander laws? Or was the placard perhaps just plain wrong? Remember, we’re talking about Scotland’s Number One Gangster; if he’d been a dancer or a model or a celebrity stranded in a desert oasis, we’d never hear the end of it.

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  1. Thanks, Simon! It must have slipped past me (or Google News didn’t pop it up as a headline).

  2. I heard on the radio yesterday that scotland’s violent crime has decreased by 40% since 2004/7. This is also good news. There are foxes at the uni. I was just thinking it would be nice to see one, and one appeared right in front of me. I only had fruit. It managed to convey it’s annoyance by piddling on it. It was not afraid of me at all. Ah well, I have some cat food in my schoolbag, if I ever get back to uni.

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