This morning I reluctantly slithered out of bed, tied on my trainers, and ran my mile. I pushed my non-break mark back up to the Missing Bean on Magdalen Road, which is good, and my time down to 11:035 (I give the extra decimal because it means that even though I round it up to 11:04, I actually ran faster than I have since I re-started after my lapse). The funny thing this morning was that for the first time ever, the physical sensation that stood out as I was plodding along was how leaden my bum felt — presumably some sort of unfamiliar stiffness in those muscles. Onward and… more onward.


Wednesday, 11:18. I stretched my not-break-stride to Magdalen Road.

Today, 11:04. My left knee and hamstring protested a bit before I started, but I didn’t feel any problems while I was going. I pushed not-break-stride back to partway ( a little way) up Magdalen Road, but on the whole it was a very average sort of run.


11:13 today, as my knees complain and I note with frustration how many seconds slip by while I’m trying to hit the ‘Stop’ button on my timer. But I pushed my ‘not-break-stride’ mark back to Stanley Street.


I forgot to blog this on Wednesday, but that morning I did my run in 11:04 — surprisingly fleet, after the long layoff and two results at about 11:30. I almost ran yesterday morning, but I had 8:00 Mass and didn’t want to impose on the latter any consequences of the former.

Reboot, or Re: Trainers

Just a note before I dash off to work on my translation project to observe that several months ago I had a Health Scare, which put me off ‘running’ for a while. As a result, I only just resumed my biweekly exercise last Wednesday, when I ran for 11:41 (much better than I feared, after a long layoff). Yesterday morning my time was 11:36, so we can regard that as a baseline pro tem.

I was cleared, by the way, from the concern mentioned above, at least until further testing. I remain now as I have been most all along, for better or worse.