Coronormal Day 134

A beautiful morning for a run, apart from pollen and somewhat more humidity than I’d prefer — but clear, temperate, and I was limber and strong. I saw many more people on my run than I used to during the lockdown; the number’s been rising gradually, but today was practically a normal day for foot traffic, and only modestly less busy for road traffic. I saw no masks, but this was all outside, and we passed one another without crowding, and (acknowledging that I stopped to vanquish Pokémon) I ran the mile in 9:04. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and a whole sequence of complications involving a Kindle going through the wash with a load of laundry. Just a bit of extra stress on the day before a busy day.

The day ended on a more settled note. I spent some time on Legends (if only there were some reward for it other than the satisfaction!), read for research, and at the end of the day we watched more Detective Caïn. We’ve gone off it, really, but may give it another episode or two just to be sure.

Coronormal Day 133

I decided early on that I didn’t want to try a full-on morning run; my knees have been wobbling a bit, and my joints were creaky during warm-up. My thought had been to take a long, slow run, in preparation for stretching out the length of my route — but I slept later than I expected, and in order to get the groceries done early, I resorted to the usual path. Morning Office, hot breakfast, Legends, sermon, and some Epistle of James. I wrapped the sermon a bit after lunchtime, delved into Joseph’s Egyptian misadventures in Legends, and made a productive, satisfying day of it. I cooked AKMA’s famous Bachelor Dinner, and we watched a couple of episodes of a French detective series Detective Caïn, wherein we learn that women in French police departments wear more, umm, casual attire than we’d have expected.

Coronormal Day 132

A good weather day for a run — I felt all right, temperature was cool but not chilly, moderate breezes but not so as to hinder progress. I made my mile in 9:31. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, Margaret made a smoothie for me (!), and hammered away at Legends and my upcoming sermon. The sermon yielded to my persistent determined typing; it wants a conclusion and some polish, but it’s not a worry now. Lovely visit from Mel at midday, we put together dinners from what we could scavenge in the fridge, and watched an episode of Midsomer Murders to wrap up the evening.

Coronormal Day 131

The morning was rainy, so I began the day expecting not to run — but I noticed a pause in the precipitation, so I put on my trainers and ventured out. Alas, as soon as I hit my stride during warm-ups, the rain recommenced and I opted for the better part of valour after only a hundred or so metres. Fruit breakfast, some Legends, my first haircut in six months (Vladi trimmed away more than I’d have wanted, but that is, after all, a union rule for barbers and stylists).

I worked on Legends, worked on the sermon, finished an exam board report, and at the end of the afternoon called Majliss for a take-away dinner. We watched to the end of Before We Die series two; it’s not clear to me how Hanna Svensson keeps her job, but there we are.

Coronormal Day 130

Morning mile 9:33, Morning Office, hot breakfast, Mass at St Mary Magdalene, good working ideas for my sermon, lovely check-ins from Pippa and Nate, and that was mostly the extent of the day. More viewing Before We Die.

Coronormal Day 129

I forgot to record anything in particular about today. My morning mile was 9:35; Morning Office, grocery trip, hot breakfast. I frittered the day away among light reading, Legends, and saving the world from being overrun by Pokémons. Margaret concocted a delicious (if unnervingly dark in colour) rice and veg dish with mushroom sauce, and we kept watching Before We Die.

Coronormal Day 128

I mustn’t miss two days in a row, so I took my morning run in very humid air, 16°, medium pollen (but enough to keep eyes and sinuses streaming), and limber but heavy legs — all to the result of a 9:15 mile. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, correspondence, and Legends.

That was most of the day.

Coronormal Day 127

This morning I actually did skip running. I got to bed late, I slept past my usually running time, and when I woke I was a bit headachey and stiff-jointed. It seemed to me that if I were ever going to skip a day, this would be the morning to skip. So I put out the recycling and organic rubbish, tidied the kitchen, said the Morning Office, had my fruit breakfast, read the saddening news about the US’s decline into dictatorship, and set to work a-reading.

And that was most of the day: reading, musing about a sermon, and working on Volume II of Legends of the Jews. I had to pause my work on that side project because my version of Mellel had developed an incurable hiccough relative to footnotes. After more than a week of bug reports, email exchanges, sample documents and so on, the good developers seem to have laid that bug to rest. Roast Quorn, spinach, and broccolini for dinner, and more Before We Die.

Coronormal Day 126

Did I decide to skip my morning run? No, I did not! On the whole, a lovely day, though something is blooming that has my eyes and nose streaming. 13°, ‘medium’ pollen count (but it all depends on which pollen is about, doesn’t it?), clear, medium humidity, and my joints and muscles all seemed amenable to the exercise, coming in at 9:39 this morning. As always, who can explain day-on-day variations? Morning Office, hot breakfast, delayed grocery trip, some reading. In fact, I spent much of my morning and afternoon reading — particularly on Cynics and Sophists. A visit to the city centre in the afternoon, an online seminar in the Sodality relative to racism in the Church of England, and then a lovely dinner with our neighbours in their garden. A most delightful evening, closing a pleasant day.

Coronormal Day 125

A near-perfect morning for running — might have been warmer (9°), but clear and endurable humidity, though high pollen — and I limbered up satisfactorily, finishing my mile in 9:21. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and an all-morning meeting of the Sodality Council.

That was followed by another meeting, a quick hop out to arrange a future hair trim, and by my return the afternoon was well nigh over. I read a bit, then appreciatively dined on Margaret’s potato-and-veg dinner as we advanced in our viewing of Before We Die, including some horrifying plot complications. We did, however, resist the temptation to stay up all night until we reached the end of the series.

Coronormal Day 124

I’m in a phase of being tempted, day on day, to skip my morning run. I haven’t missed a day for weeks; I exercise from a sense of obligation rather than any enjoyment (though I don’t actually viscerally dislike running as much as I used to); and I can imagine a sense of relaxed enjoyment consequent upon taking a morning with no exertion. On the other hand, the point of daily exercise is indeed to do it, and the experience no longer burdens me as it used to. More decisively, it has become part of my routine (and sustains my health), so after considering the possibility of skipping my run, I put on my socks and trainers and ventured out into the clear, cold (9°), high-pollen morning and ran my mile. 9:21, but I did stop midway, so take that into account. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and on to the day.

The day passed with reading about ‘miracles’ in antiquity and rereading (and re-rereading) the Epistle of James, looking into Anglican biblical hermeneutics outwith the England-US axis, along with musings toward my sermon. That made for a pleasant and moderately productive afternoon. Margaret had a business late afternoon and evening, so we watched another episode of Before We Die early, and I finished up my viewing of Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland and turned in.

Coronormal Day 123

Rainy morning, 13°, so I decided not to try for a mile, but to go out and run till I didn’t want to get any wetter. Once I got outside and was warming up, though, the rain abated and I wound up running the whole mile, albeit without timing myself. Morning Office, hot breakfast, off to Sunday Mass.

The rest of the day involved finishing my reading of The Difference Engine (which I didn’t like quite so much as unadulterated William Gibson; the plot seemed not to resolve as satisfactorily as it ought) contemplating the upcoming sermon, and other things I don’t specifically recall. Leftovers for lunch and dinner, and we started watching Before We Die (Innan vi Dör), a compelling (so far) Swedish crime drama. Then to bed.