Coronormal Day 131

The morning was rainy, so I began the day expecting not to run — but I noticed a pause in the precipitation, so I put on my trainers and ventured out. Alas, as soon as I hit my stride during warm-ups, the rain recommenced and I opted for the better part of valour after only a hundred or so metres. Fruit breakfast, some Legends, my first haircut in six months (Vladi trimmed away more than I’d have wanted, but that is, after all, a union rule for barbers and stylists).

I worked on Legends, worked on the sermon, finished an exam board report, and at the end of the afternoon called Majliss for a take-away dinner. We watched to the end of Before We Die series two; it’s not clear to me how Hanna Svensson keeps her job, but there we are.

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