Tract 85: Lectures on the Scripture Proofs of the Doctrines of the Church

In my on-going fascination with the rationale for practices of biblical interpretation (particularly in England, particularly among catholic-minded scholars), I was perusing John Henry Newman’s Tract 85, and it occurred to me that it, too, might be worth transcribing for study purposes.

Newman on Scripture Proof of Church Doctrine, Tract 85

This link leads to a single-page A5 layout PDF of the booklet. It may work best for tablets, for instance.

This link leads to a side-by-side A4 layout PDF, which should scroll nicely along a larger landscape-oriented computer screen.

And maybe someday I’ll run them through Calibre to make ebook format versions.

As is often the case with Newman, I am about two-thirds sympathetic. He could solve a lot of the problems with which he’s wrestling if he gave up on the conceptual metaphor that texts contain meaning, but then I would say that.