Three Further

Two miles, fruit breakfast, course prep.
Two miles, Mass, fruit breakfast, when will I be done with course prep?, maybe a little writing, student advising.
Two miles, hot breakfast, bits and bobs and finally a return to Anglican hermeneutics — BOOM, some writing done.

Chalk Face

Two chilly, sluggish miles; hot breakfast; course prep.
Two steady, temperate miles; fruit breakfast; course prep, haircut (trim, really) and dinner tonight with Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley.

New Year, New Term, New Tuesday

Two miles, fruit breakfast, work on a module on [biblical] Christology. It turns out that, somewhat to my surprise, there isn’t a handy book that does what I want for teaching (background of terms, usage in NT, trajectory into the early church). No, I am not about to write it; I have other projects I must finish first. Poked at Anglican hermeneutics. Listened to interesting presentations on Newman and philosophy, especially his connection to Wittgenstein. I read an essay about that recently — I wish I could recall where…

Two Days

Friday: Two miles, fruit breakfast, all day staff meeting followed by lvoely convivial dinner at The Cuttlefish.
Today: Two miles, no breakfast, trundled down to London for an all-day Sodality meeting.

Drill, Ye Tarriers

No reason, it has just been inhabiting my memories for the past few hours.

One mile this morning — my left knee felt a bit wobbly, and I just reckoned I’d go easy today; fruit breakfast, religious conflict in England, Samuel (in Legends IV), and I repaired a pen (partly repaired another, till I saw that I needed a part I don’t have).