More, Onward

Two miles, hot breakfast, Mass, continuing to write thanks to people who left birthday greetings on Facebook; if I’m lucky, a moment to write before the end of the day. I mean, not to complain about having many people to greet — just much to do, that’s all.

At Last

Two miles, hot breakfast, and at long last an effective morning for writing, thank heaven. Visitors this afternoon, friends this evening (our afternoon visitors are friends too, they’re just passing through so I made a small terminological distinction), so it is a full day. I may have more than one glass by the time the evening’s over.

Thinking Differently

Reflecting on the importance of letting go of the tyranny of goals, so as to be able to modulate into the last chapters of my life with contentment and grace.

Two miles yesterday and two miles today, fruit breakfasts, banging my head against marking. I strongly dislike marking in general, but that distaste burgeons to outright detestation when obliged to use online VLE apps to mark.

[Update: Sometimes I want to track down evidence of my participation in the Ars Electronica conference in 2008, and I ran into these links this morning: One, Two]

Honest, More

It’s not that there’s so much marking; it’s just a matter of bearing down, avoiding distractions and interruptions, and rebooting into Admin Mode rather than Research Mode. Oh, yes: two miles, hot breakfast (cos I know that’s the content everyone wants).

All Right, No Really

Two miles, hot breakfast, hand-washing some collars in preparation for the new term, and grinding out a few paragraphs of a freshly-imagined essay. I think this new start will be easier to write (and more to the point of my specialisation).

Thor’s Day

I ran two miles this morning, though I got a late start and part of my brain was telling me it would be all right if I cut it to one mile today, no, well, that’s all right we can cut it to one and a half, whoops, now we’re going on ahead, so two it will be. Fruit breakfast, read, and really must write some actual words today. Alas, focus and confortably confident bearing-down were in short supply today. I will have to attempt the equivalent of undergraduate all-nighters before termtime in order to bludgeon this essay into submittable condition.