From Cottiers

Not especially earth-shaking, but with the upgrade I can post from my phone or iPad. We’re here at Cottiers with newly-returned Madhavi, Doug passed through on his way home, and Andy Murray won. Glasgow is good.

There, That’s Better

With garlands and a hat tip to Christopher Roussel (who’s just finalising his doctoral thesis, congratulations as well as thanks!), I’m fully up-to-date for my WordPress installation. With any luck, that may betoken renewed activity on the blog here, and perhaps even a new design for the page — who knows?

Since I hadn’t indicated this before on the blog, Margaret and Pippa arrived safely and are settling in. I’m finishing up the school year (graduation for our undergraduates in a few minutes, with several reports due in a hurry), writing up my comments for a book panel at the International SBL, and looking forward to a grand meet-up with some online friends from of old — Euan, Gary, Suw and Kev, Halley, maybe J.P., and who knows who else, in London next Wednesday.

Now, though, it’s time to don my robes and look solemn while our soon-to-be-alumni/æ receive theirs degrees. Cheers to Jonathan, Isobel, Stuart, David, Alison, Brian, Roise, and several others whose names I’ll add after the ceremony.

Sunday After Ascension

While Madhavi watches Rafael Nadal systematically crush the life out of Roger Federer (whoops! Federer’s coming back!), impeded only intermittently by the BBC’s execrably artsy camera direction (that phrase modifies “watches”, not “crush”), I’m entering this morning’s sermon. The sermon fought hard against my writing it down; I knew the rough direction I wanted to go, but I was falling into bad compositional habits and couldn’t turn the prose the way I wanted it. Eventually I got something close to what I wanted, though I think the beginning ought to work better. It’s posted after the “Continue Reading” link.
Church was lovely this morning, though the weather has turned outright chilly after Friday’s taste of exquisite summer sunshine. Most important, though, my beloved wife and daughter arrive in Glasgow on Thursday morning!
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Time For A Change

I’ve been running with this WordPress template for a very long time, and with the WP software back at version 2.5 (it’s up to 3.1.3 now). In the last week, though, some people have reported to me that the blog has been forwarding them to dodgy-looking sites involuntarily, which suggests to me that the time for stasis is long past.
Anyone up for coaching me through an upgrade (and back-up) process?