Weighty Solution

It occurred to me this morning as I was trudging/running along that one way to make the experience less onerous might be to diminish the amount of useless organic matter that I carry along with me on my runs. Accordingly, I have started opting out of the daily hot breakfast at St Stephen’s House, and instead taking fruit for breakfast; likewise, instead of the luscious midday meals that our chef prepares for us, or even the tasty soups, I’ve chosen green salads. This makes me a bit grumpy, but if I can eventually run a bit more freely, I reluctantly suppose it will be worth it.
The weather this morning was unseasonally mild, though with a very light drizzle. My body did gradually limber up a bit as I went, and I got home in a more acceptable 10:38.

Road to Recovery

I missed two runs with a bit of a cold, and the air is fresh, and my lungs aren’t entirely clear of the residue of my affliction. Every muscle pulled tight as I ran, so that I was taking only wee baby steps. I wheezed and gasped more even than usual. I made the whole mile, though, and got home in 11:01. And in case I didn’t record my previous time, it was 10:45.

Catching Up

It’s raining this morning, and I’m not so incautious as to risk twisting my wobbly legs or ankles, or chance a head cold at the beginning of term, so I won’t run my mile this morning. I will, however, note my last two times: a 10:38 last Sunday, and a 10:28 on Wednesday. I’m a tiny bit reluctant not to run. That is, I still hate running, but I recognise that if I don’t do it regularly it only makes the exercise even less pleasant. Indeed, I keep thinking about running more often, or longer, with a view to making each instance of running less exasperating (and perhaps to some extent alleviate my shortness of breath).

Opposite Day

This morning was very different to Sunday: dry and chilly (I should have worn my hoodie), and although the chill kept me from becoming fully limber I was not as achey and stiff this morning. 5°, 0% humidity, low pollution, and generally free motion. I’m just stout and short-winded. I did shave forty seconds off Sunday’s time, though: 10:28.