Just A FLash (Test)

Honest, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Just been busy, finishing a first pass through my commentary on James, writing a book review, working on course prep for my three new courses in the autumn (one of which may not be offered, what fun!), and keeping up with Margaret and Pip.


The past few weeks have provided occasion for fond memories and renewal of long-time online friendships — and in the spirit of renewing, re-binding, reconnecting loose joins that have come far too loose, it’s time to wish the very best to the Velveteen Rabbi, who has been installed as interim rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel. It’s a blessing to know her, and we send her intercontinental prayers as she begins this ministry.

Good News Flash

I’ve lamented here that my recent article in Biblical Interpretation seems to have been printed without corrections from the proofs that I marked up. At the International SBL meeting today, I had the chance to talk with both the journal editor and the issue editor, and it turns out that mine was not the only article that was imperfectly edited. It’s a sad thing, and embarrassing to all concerned, but they indicated that they support my concern and they will try to work toward making available at least the corrected digital versions.

What A Ride

My train trip to London started out all right; good weather, plenty of time to pick up my ticket. about a half hour out of Glasgow, though, I remembered my last train to London, the one that impelled me to pick up some motion sickness pills. the pills that I had left behind at the flat. The first ninety minutes or so were dreadful. I was sweating and queasy and altogether fiercely nauseous. At that point though I gave up the fight against my innards, and let them have their way. For the last part of the trip, i’ve felt merely uncomfortable rather than miserable. Not the most enjoyable journey in history.