Just A Note

… so that I don’t forget, I ran a gasping 10:39 this morning. On the positive side, I still haven’t stopped running the whole mile; on the frustrating side, I haven’t yet gotten back into 10:10 form. And I still hate running.

On Joi

I’ve held back on speaking publicly about Joi Ito’s actions as head of the MIT Media Lab, for several reasons. First, I’m both a friend of Joi’s and in a very casual way I talk with him about matters spiritual, and I didn’t (and don’t) want to shut down lines of communication in either capacity.…

No News

Westminster may be in convulsions, Bermuda may have endured catastrophic hurricane damage, but nothing very interesting happened during my Wednesday mile. Headwinds, wt pavements (but no falling rain), 10:29, hard breathing, sluggish legs.

End of August

At the beginning of summer, I had the hope-anticipation that I would ratchet up my running schedule to three days a week. I was making manifest progress, I was aiming at setting a new plateau at a better pace; and since I was freed from the academic obligations and timetable, I thought I could break…