I’m having a hard time bearing down and getting things done, and Holy Week and the new term are looming on the horizon, so I’m back to the blog to mark out a degree of accountability. (Running accountability is moot, now, since I run my two miles almost without exception so long as I’m at home and the weather isn’t appalling. Incidentally, I’ve decided that the ninety minutes between 5:00 and 6:30 must have the best conditions of any interval in this microclimate — no matter how rubbish the day’s weather, it seems that my running time is clear and dry.)

I have two important academic obligations to fulfil — revisions on an essay about James, and a draft of an essay on Anglican Hermeneutics — plus a diversion that (of course) I’ve spent more time on, namely my digital edition of Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews volume IV (the final substantive volume). So this morning, I’ve finished up the section on Solomon’s wisdom in Legends. Next turning my attention to hermeneutics.

Afternoon update: A scant 200 words today, but hey, it’s a warm-up for more (I hope).