Back in the USA

Not me, I mean, but for my family and many of the people I love it’s Election Day. I’m part of the no-surprises population: if you’ve been paying attention to me for more than a month or so (well, make that two months since I’ve been posting actively) you know for whom I voted, you know what I think about voter suppression, you know that I’m not in love with either the serious candidate or the grift candidate.

If the Democratic Party emerges from this election in control of the two elected branches of the federal government, the honest, admirable thing for them to do would be to clear the decks of all impediments to voting, install non-partisan procedures for districting, abolish the Electoral College, restructure the Supreme Court with a Constitutional amendment, prosecute all who have violated federal corruption laws over the past four years, and tear down the walls. Defund militarised police forces, cut military spending drastically, and raise taxes on the hyperwealthy.

But I’ll settle for fending off fascism, before we undertake to finalise our application to become subjects of Her Majesty the Queen.