Saturday Stuff

Two miles, hot breakfast, and for the sake of a change I transcribed a couple of sections of Legends of the Jews, ‘The Daughters of Zelophehad’ and ‘The Appointment of Joshua.’ The rest of the afternoon was devoted to a visit with our pal Melanie.

Sunday After

Mile and a half (in the rain), hot breakfast, reading for refereeing, and toward midday, an interval listening first to Abbey Road and then to All Things Must Pass, and recalling a world where I was young and these were new.

Magdalenic Morning

It’s the Feast of Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, but there’s not really anything else about her that pertains to my day today. Two miles, hot breakfast, refereeing reading through the morning, research reading in the afternoon, and actually writing a [very] few words into both my current essay and even the first chapter…