Incompatible Print Cartridge?

This has become more-or-less common knowledge on the Net, but for my own convenience in searching (and in case you didn’t know), the way to remedy an “Incompatible Print Cartridge” message fro your HP Photosmart C4480 printer is to:

1. Simultaneously press both the X button and the power button and hold
2. (NOT simultaneously) press BLUE button then GREEN button then GRAY button (in that order)
3. using blue (or grey) button, scroll-seek to the “information menu” – press OK button
4. press grey button once for “checksum for relock data input” – press OK button
5. press (X) repeatedly until you return to the normal main menu

(Instructions from this YouTube video.)

Candlemas in Oxford

I was sure that I must have preached on Candlemas at least once over the past fifteen twenty twenty-five-plus years, but if so, the sermon has not survived the passing years and changing word-processing formats. I furrowed my brow, and applied my fountain pen to paper, and eventually turned up the following.

(Yes, this another of those “I don’t really blog any more, but I still post my sermons” posts. I am still trying to ratchet up my commitment to blogging (as opposed to F-Book), and at least posting sermons keeps me aware of the benefits and ease of genuine blogs.)

Anyway, I had not really clocked to the fact that a sizeable proportion of the congregation this morning would be from Wycliffe Hall (our low-church, evangelical counterpart in Oxford), honest I hadn’t. I just bumped into Prof. Sarah Foot’s Facebook mention of Bede’s sermon on the Purification, and I found myself immersed in the historic sermons of the saints. One thing led to another, Samuel Pepys elbowed in, and eventually there was a sermon. It wasn’t meant as a poke in the eye; that’s just the way I preach (and once it occurred to me just how catholic a sermon it was, I tried to imagine how I’d have tried to accommodate our visitors if I’d thought to, and I failed miserably; I hate to think now what the sermon would have been like if I had been, as the Apostle saith, trying to please people).

So there’s the sermon. Maybe I’ll put something non-homiletical in here again sometime.

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