Weighty Solution

It occurred to me this morning as I was trudging/running along that one way to make the experience less onerous might be to diminish the amount of useless organic matter that I carry along with me on my runs. Accordingly, I have started opting out of the daily hot breakfast at St Stephen’s House, and instead taking fruit for breakfast; likewise, instead of the luscious midday meals that our chef prepares for us, or even the tasty soups, I’ve chosen green salads. This makes me a bit grumpy, but if I can eventually run a bit more freely, I reluctantly suppose it will be worth it.
The weather this morning was unseasonally mild, though with a very light drizzle. My body did gradually limber up a bit as I went, and I got home in a more acceptable 10:38.

3 thoughts on “Weighty Solution

  1. If you’re going to do terribly unnatural things like running, you need all the protein you can get!

    1. It’s a tough antinomy. Having conquered the full-mile (without a stop) challenge, I think that tacking into the lose-a-stone challenge will be worth it. On the other hand, I miss exchanging pleasantries with Christine, the breakfast server.
      At any rate, I’ll need to double down on the running when I resume after these family visits….

  2. I don’t often weigh myself; witness this post, in which I talk about reducing but make no mention of my current weight. On Thursday, though, I got out the scale and checked, and noticed that I came in at 14 stone on the nose. I think that I’ve been over 200 lbs for a long time, and that this is the first time I’ve crept below that arbitrary milestone in longer than I can remember. And now I have this comment as a point of orientation against the next time I check.
    But if I worked below 13 stone, that would be just right, I think. I still have a dad grand-dad bod, but it’s more clearly a general aging thing rather than a careless on-the-road-to-ruin thing.

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