Coronormal Day 127

This morning I actually did skip running. I got to bed late, I slept past my usually running time, and when I woke I was a bit headachey and stiff-jointed. It seemed to me that if I were ever going to skip a day, this would be the morning to skip. So I put out the recycling and organic rubbish, tidied the kitchen, said the Morning Office, had my fruit breakfast, read the saddening news about the US’s decline into dictatorship, and set to work a-reading.

And that was most of the day: reading, musing about a sermon, and working on Volume II of Legends of the Jews. I had to pause my work on that side project because my version of Mellel had developed an incurable hiccough relative to footnotes. After more than a week of bug reports, email exchanges, sample documents and so on, the good developers seem to have laid that bug to rest. Roast Quorn, spinach, and broccolini for dinner, and more Before We Die.

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