Coronormal Day 126

Did I decide to skip my morning run? No, I did not! On the whole, a lovely day, though something is blooming that has my eyes and nose streaming. 13°, ‘medium’ pollen count (but it all depends on which pollen is about, doesn’t it?), clear, medium humidity, and my joints and muscles all seemed amenable to the exercise, coming in at 9:39 this morning. As always, who can explain day-on-day variations? Morning Office, hot breakfast, delayed grocery trip, some reading. In fact, I spent much of my morning and afternoon reading — particularly on Cynics and Sophists. A visit to the city centre in the afternoon, an online seminar in the Sodality relative to racism in the Church of England, and then a lovely dinner with our neighbours in their garden. A most delightful evening, closing a pleasant day.

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