Coronormal Day 133

I decided early on that I didn’t want to try a full-on morning run; my knees have been wobbling a bit, and my joints were creaky during warm-up. My thought had been to take a long, slow run, in preparation for stretching out the length of my route — but I slept later than I expected, and in order to get the groceries done early, I resorted to the usual path. Morning Office, hot breakfast, Legends, sermon, and some Epistle of James. I wrapped the sermon a bit after lunchtime, delved into Joseph’s Egyptian misadventures in Legends, and made a productive, satisfying day of it. I cooked AKMA’s famous Bachelor Dinner, and we watched a couple of episodes of a French detective series Detective Caïn, wherein we learn that women in French police departments wear more, umm, casual attire than we’d have expected.

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