Reboot, or Re: Trainers

Just a note before I dash off to work on my translation project to observe that several months ago I had a Health Scare, which put me off ‘running’ for a while. As a result, I only just resumed my biweekly exercise last Wednesday, when I ran for 11:41 (much better than I feared, after a long layoff). Yesterday morning my time was 11:36, so we can regard that as a baseline pro tem.

I was cleared, by the way, from the concern mentioned above, at least until further testing. I remain now as I have been most all along, for better or worse.

2 thoughts on “Reboot, or Re: Trainers

    1. Thank you, WN! I truly hate running, but I’d rather not be inert and wheezy, and running seems a simple, direct way of staving off decrepitude.

      One fringe benefit of having had a Health Scare is the the lovely NHS poked around me more thoroughly than usual, so we know that (a) there are no signs of my father’s (fatal) pulmonary fibrosis, and (b) not only was what they were looking for in a particular corner of my insides not there, but they don’t see signs of it being anywhere else. So after a month or so of contemplating mortality, it seems I have more reason to think I’m healthy than I did before.

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