Leisurely morning run (one point seven), every day for the past week or so. Very good interview Monday — not a good match, but good conversation. A positive interaction with all concerned, and especially the Bishop and Area Dean, such that I have a sense (for the first time in sixteen months) that somebody involved in deployment will be looking for an opportunity to recruit me. More later.


Several days of digital silence here — we went to Wolverhampton for Eleanor Feeney’s wedding to Adam Mihalik, then I rushed home to interview for a post Wednesday morning, then I got word that the committee had chosen another candidate, which put a damper on my interest in writing (or doing anything productive, to be honest).

The wedding (and the baptism of Adam and Eleanor’s baby May) went beautifully, and the wedding breakfast and the afternoon at the Safari Park and dinner and dancing were all lovely. The sermon seems to have come off satisfactorily. (It’s a bit disorienting for people to compliment you on something that’s a major part of the sorts of post you’re seeking, while at the same time finding every door to those posts shut in your face).

I ran my between-one-point-five-and-two miles yesterday morning, and made a rapid foray for groceries. Then Margaret left promptly to attend the Science and Religion Forum conference that she’s keynoting, so the ladies and I are keeping the home fires burning. I ought to be putting the finishing touches on my James essay, but it’s difficult to focus well enough.