More Cards

The work on teaching resources continues behind the scenes at the Disseminary. We’ve uploaded several more questionae to the Theological Outlines blog, and we’ve uploaded three more Theology Cards, available from here:

9 Macrina, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

12 Origen, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

13 Justin Martyr, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

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8 Responses to More Cards

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you ever so much!
    Of course I just use them for my wallpaper, but still very useful. :-)

  2. Origen bears a certain resemblance to Sidney Sime’s Mung (go here and scroll down a bit), which tickles me no end, I must say.

  3. Mark says:

    Strange. I just received this by RSS just now, yet I see my previous comment. Odd.

  4. AKMA says:

    Mark, this is the explanation.

    This morning, before the coffee kicked in, I set about making the entry with the next batch of cards. I was going to copy the listings from this entry and paste them into a “new entry” window — but what I foggily did instead was to make the changes directly to this entry.

    Thanks to your curiosity, I looked in and realized my error — I restored this entry and made a new entry for the next cards.

    If another reader finds this confusing, my advice is just to not even try to figure out what we’re talking about.

    Dorothea, that’s eerie; I don’t think Steve was eliberately using Mung as a model, but who knows what these artists are thinking?

  5. ruidh says:

    I got an error about being unable to read the embedded font CorodetClassicaps in Justin Martyr.

    You need to have a page with all of the cards rather than an interest person tracking down each post.

  6. AKMA says:

    Ruidh, they’ll all be on one page when Trevor and I reorganize the main Disseminary site, sometime in the next couple of weeks. Till then, I’m signalling their presence through these sporadic posts. Sorry if that inconveniences you. (Not sure what the problem is with Corrodet.)

  7. Laura J. says:

    You know I love Macrina, so you’ll know I went to her card first– and found a typo (thhis) in the text.

    I’m still treasuring my St. Anthony (of the Desert) card, though I’m not convinced he shares the other Anthony’s talent for finding lost objects– he’s definitely a demon-fighter.


  8. AKMA says:

    That’s why they say “version 0.95.”

    (sound of teeth gnashingLater: Fixed.]

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