Coming Up

Let’s see: I’m preaching at St. Luke’s on the 28th (reading Jeremiah 15:15-21/Psalm 26:1-8/Romans 12:1-8/Matthew 16:21-27), and on Sept. 24th (still not sure what I’ll be preaching from, but song of Songs seems to be a front-runner). I’m leading a Clergy Day in Northern Indiana on Sept. 14. My commentary on James has fallen entirely off the rails, though I will try again to get it going this morning afternoon.

Oh, and a shout-out to Derek at Haligweorc, who whipped up a proposal for a theology-cards game in between chapters of his dissertation. He and his colleagues at Open Thou Our Lips (Bending, Topmost, Monastery, ) are conducting some refreshingly deep theological conversation. You young people may not remember this, but Blogaria used to be a tiny little neighborhood, where you actually had time to keep up with interesting developments. . . .

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2 Responses to Coming Up

  1. Bryan says:

    Have you thought about a Top Trumps style of a game featuring theologians?

  2. AKMA says:

    Wow, Bryan! For a basic version of a game, this would be great. I had never heard of “Top Trumps” — but as a step toward the more complex game that Derek has sketched, it would be great.

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