Superfluous Redundancy Department

Does it bother anyone else when people say (as an NPR commentator just did) “mass exodus”? Isn’t an “exodus” necessarily a mass behavior? If Tom Matrullo walks out of a restaurant, does that count as an exodus?

(Parenthetically, I”m asking about colloquial English usage. In Greek—sorry, I just spent a week on this—an individual can certainly make an ??????, a “departure.” Jesus does just this at Luke 9:31, though there I think we should hear a Lukan echo of the “exodus of the children of Israel” that the Old Testament narrates. I’m not so sure that the same applies in 2 Peter 1:15, where the same word appears.)

By the way, Dave, this means that I’m listening to Morning Edition as I blog now — but pretty soon I’ll open SoundJam and fire up the giant playlist on my external hard drive, from which I’ll be sure to blog for you the tunes that play as I type.

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