Digital Genres Keynote/Closer

Well, this makes the third or fourth formal occasion on which I’ve heard David Weinberger talk about weblogs, and I think (if he’s sick or indisposed, or double-commits himself) I’m getting the presentation down well enough to sub for him. But that catch is, he’s great, and the point of these presentations isn’t simply to find out something about weblogs — I mean, there were a bunch of people at the talk who have no particular reason to learn more about weblogs — but to listen to David, who is not only an ambassador from the tech world to the civilian establishment, but is also a magnificently gifted communicator. Jack Vinson blogged the talk, for which he had the benefit of having seen David talk when he came to Seabury.

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  1. Thanks for your presence and contribution at the DG conference. I’m sorry I didn’t have more opportunity to speak with you in person …

    I’m spending a bit of time exploring the blog-space around the conference and have started with your summaries here. Are you aware of any indexing of other blogs concerning the conference. I’m guessing Alex won’t be getting to this soon since he has many other pressing matters, and perhaps someone else has already done this. The URL above is sort-of my highly “techie” blog, where I just drop files in a directory on my hosting server and let the web server index and timestamp them. I’m planning on writing up some of my thoughts from the conference and more. I’ve skimmed a little of the disseminary site, and am quite impressed by the vision and quality. I’ll probably write more about this as well.

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