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Avocado Farm

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About a week or ten days ago, Pippa started a new venture in experimental hydroponics: an avocado pit plantation. It began humbly enough — just two pits, one of which was a pretty poor excuse for an avocado from the outset, in two jam-jars on the kitchen counter. As you can see, her small-time start has blossomed into a modest industrial installation, soon to rival Del Monte or Monsanto or Archer Daniels Midland. In a few years, she’ll be holding the Super Bowl guacamole market hostage.

We’ll keep everyone apprised of the progress of the various pits. So far, three are cracking, and the one sad specimen (lower left) is not showing any prospect of vigor. The time to invest is now!

(Perhaps one can use avocados to power electrical devices, too.)

3 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Having been recently alerted to Pippa’s (extraordinarily impressive) abilities as a performance installation artist, when I first saw this photograph I immediately assumed it was an art installation rather than an experimental hypdroponics installation.

    On reflection, I realize it’s both. Pippa may be the first performance/installation artist to ever make real money from their art practice. I look forward to seeing the complete photographic record — firstly on Flickr, then at the Venice Biennale or the Kassel Documenta (or both).

  2. Dear Pippa,

    Years of avocado expertise here….purchase some that are over ripe to begin with and let them get quite squishy and disgusting. They will be close to sprouting then.

    Also, the best way to transition the water-to-dirt way is to slowly add dirt to the water.

    Cheers from California, land of the avocado.

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