Is That Your Final Answer?

The jury reached a decision this afternoon after deliberating for an hour and a half, or so. I have a lot to say about the experience, but would rather touch on salient points at unpredictable intervals, or drone on over coffee or beer, than compile a long-winded narrative of the trial that has been fulfilled among us.

One short retrospective comment, though: Evidence of injury is not the same as evidence of negligence. That’s the premise that enabled the jury to reach a relatively direct conclusion.

DRMA: Time for Peace by Digital Underground, Paris, Sway & King Tech; A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel by U2; If Love is a Red Dress by Maria McKee.

3 thoughts on “Is That Your Final Answer?

  1. I found my one jury experience fascinating for all sorts of reasons. Mine was a criminal (drug) case, which I imagine made for quite a different dynamic than yours.

    I’ll look forward to your notes with interest.

  2. Akma–I’m so surprised you were even picked to serve. My professor/husband always seems to be excused & his theory is that lawyers are afraid an academic will unduly influence other jurors. But perhaps this time they felt a professor of theology would inspire everyone to do the right thing.

  3. I had an interesting time on jury duty myself. I was picked to sit on two jury panels. I don’t remember the first case, actually, but I do remember that we got it right. How do I know?

    Because the second case was a drug bust under some very tenuous circumstances. However, the defendant and his attorney made the colossal mistake of allowing him to take the stand. He came across as less than honest, and we found him guilty. After the trial, other evidence was made known to us which convinced me that we got that one wrong.

    That second verdict still gives me the willies.

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