Oh, I Also

I forgot that I owe Jason, a Seabury alum and former student of mine, a link to his blog. I almost typed, “his new blog,” which would have been true when he politely asked me to link to him, but now is no longer true since I took so long to get around to acceding to his request. His most recent entry continues a six-part transcript of his interview with Tom Wright, of which the first part appears here. And I’ll add you to my blogroll, too, Jason.

3 thoughts on “Oh, I Also

  1. Thanks for linking that. It’s good reading. I reposted it over at a Wright list I’m on. (Lemme know if that’s something you are interested in, BTW)

  2. AKMA:
    Many thanks!
    And to Paul: sounds fine! I will try to have a link to a complete version of the interview (as opposed to six parts) up soon.

  3. I actally meant that I posted the link, not that I copied it out. I suppose the way things work on the net it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.

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