Should Be, But Not Part Two

Should be finishing up those papers, but instead I’m making digital Christmas cards with the TYPEFlake greeting-card designer. That, and playing “Christmas Is All Around,” by Billy Mack, on iTunes — Halley recommended Love, Actually last year (and just re-commended it), so Margaret and I watched it last week, and enjoyed it immensely. Now, through the wonders of online music purchasing, Margaret can’t seem to get that tune out of her head.

2 thoughts on “Should Be, But Not Part Two

  1. Am I the only one who thought that _Love, Actually_ was, actually, really problematic? The premise in most of those vignettes was that people could “fall in love” without, you know, actually talking to the object of their desire. Which means that we had not love, but, well, objectification–whether it was because they literally spoke a different language or because they were just too chicken to actually engage in real adult conversation doesn’t matter. Almost none of these people actually really spoke to each other about anything of substance before either hooking up or declaring undying love (I saw it a year ago, I’m trying to remember all the subplots, annd I can’t think of one in which that wasn’t the case.) The message of the movie seemed to be that love was not about real connection based on who you are as a person and some hard work, but plain old fashioned sexual desire. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with desire, but in that case, you know, call the dang film _Groin, Actually_ instead, you know?

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