Comings and Goings


This morning, life at chez AKMA returned to normal. We had a visit from Juliet for the weekend, which was great (we hadn’t had a visit with Juliet for ages); we planned the service of blessing for her wedding, and caught up on her life and ours. Her visit was particularly welcome with Beatrice, who appreciated Juliet’s constant [favorable] comparison of her with her fiancé’s mother’s bichon.


Juliet’s visit didn’t overlap with Jennifer’s, but Jennifer’s sojourn here was delightful, too (and longer than Juliet’s!). After having lived with Jennifer and Juliet for years, it’s oddly beautiful for them to pop up into our daily rhythm again, and in almost exactly the same ways as ever. It’s exciting keeping up with Jennifer’s new flickr account; I wonder if Juliet would use flickr? Hmmm, perhaps a wedding present. . . .

Most importantly (to me, he said selfishly), Margaret returned to Durham this morning. She has an exhilarating array of courses for her second semester, but it’ll take some concentration for me to focus on her accomplishments and intellectual opportunities, and to bracket my missing her. I’ll see her again in February — time to begin counting down the days again.


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