Congratulations, And, Well, We’ll See

Micah scolded me for not blogging about SixApart’s purchase of LiveJournal: “I shouldn’t have to hear stuff like this on the street.” I have to admit that I saw so many different people commenting on the takeover, and with such intriguing visions of the possible benefits and pitfalls of the move, that I didn’t reckon I had anything to add — but now I know Micah was counting on me for news, and the whole topic reminds me that Moveable Type has been very, very good to us (the company has been extraordinarily good to us, the software generally good) and minimal courtesy obliges me to send my congratulations.

So, Ben and Mena, three cheers on this development, and kudos for your status as “People of the Year” (to think I knew them way back when). Bravo Joi and Anil and Loïc and Jay and, ummm, anyone else whom I know who works at SixApart (it seems as though they’re gradually adding everyone I know — if you see rumors from Om Malik about SixApart showing an interest in theological blogging, I may be packing my bags for San Francisco). It’ll be exciting to see what happens with both MT and LiveJournal — mazel tov!

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  1. Hi Akma ! thanks for this note and for your congratulations, I hope we see each other soon. Have an excellent 2005.

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