I know they don’t rely on analogies in the new SAT, so maybe there’ something retro about my wondering, but — is David to Israel as Arthur to Britain?

2 thoughts on “Analogy

  1. I’ve always wanted to do something on messianic king figures in the West focusing on David, Jesus, and Arthur. (To extend it, Aragorn certainly fits esp. given Tolkien’s mastery of the medieval and biblical archetypes.)The medieval imagination certainly fixed on David partly because of his dual role as both king and prophet (Psalm quotes are often attributed to *the* prophet) and I have no doubt that David serves as more than a role model for the construction of Arthur.

  2. We just discussed this very idea in Hebrew class. The professor was saying that everyone is waiting on the discovery of an obelisk-like stone piece that describes the actions of King David, such as are found in abundance from the Egyptian dynasties, Persian kings, and Akkadian empire. Apparently, nothing of that sort has been found which would validate the reality of a king of a united Israel/Judah, OR, such a kingdom was not big into making such structures. Interesting stuff…I also liked what Derek had to say about Aragorn…good stuff.


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