Arrr! Belay That Business Model, Matey!

My Ken Paul Beard/Creative Communists t-shirt arrived yesterday, and I wore it today. Margaret observed that it typified my t-shirt repertoire, since almost no one would understand it.

(I think she’s a little too harsh on my t-shirts; I do wear my Apple Store t-shirts occasionally, and my Duke basketball t-shirts are pretty intelligible. My ŒùŒôŒöŒó t-shirt, however, stumps some people, as does my ŒºŒøŒ?ŒøŒ? Œ±Œ?Œ±ŒªœÖŒµ Œ±œÖœÑŒøŒ? shirt. And my SPU shirts. The “Uncle Sam [Seabury]” and Enmegabowh t-shirts are self-explanatory around campus. So I’m only partly unintelligible.)

I asked Si to take my picture, and it became clear that Pippa wanted to share the spotlight — entirely plausibly, especially since her t-shirt today bore a parallel theme.

1 thought on “Arrr! Belay That Business Model, Matey!

  1. Aaarrr . . . . I wore mine today too. Quizzical looks abounded.

    And on the QT, Ken (Mickles) and I are two people, though we may do the work of a dozen or so.

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