Death By Eraser

Death By Eraser

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

I’ve fallen behind my posting Pippa art; she’s been drawing cartoons such as this one, but also has begun experimenting with oils and mixed media. I’ll have more to post in a few days, as she gives me permission.

She has a canvas up in the Seabury community exhibition, and will be showing a ceramic piece in the Evanston Young Artists exhibition, in the home-schooled students’ area — but now she’s busy watching Attack of the Clones (she thinks that the closing wedding scene should have had me edited in as the officiant at the marriage of Anakin and Padme, though she points out that “Dad would forbid it” [the wedding]).

3 thoughts on “Death By Eraser

  1. Without revealing too much of the plot — by the time they’re married, Anakin has demonstrated homicidal impulse control problems. For starters.

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