New Century

Today, a friend from church congratulated me on my article in the latest issue of the Christian Century. I know an editor there, and we’d been talking about my writing something for them, and someone there read what I posted a couple of weeks ago about when I wear clericals, and why. They liked it, edited it a little, slapped on the jazzy titled “Collared” (wish I’d thought of that), and wowie zowie, now it’s in print. The issue in question isn’t online yet, though there’s no urgency to checking there for it since my original version remains available here. If you like it, though, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for you to drop ’em an email or something.

4 thoughts on “New Century

  1. It occurs to me that you ought to have a snazzy pair of white-and-black wingtip shoes (docs, perhaps, like mine??) to go with your clericals.

    Now THAT would look fantastic.

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