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I’m a Firefox advocate, no question — but my browser regularly hangs with a even few tabs open. I suspect a glitch with Java or pop-ups or something, but so far I’m just force-quitting and restarting it.

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  1. Firefox does the trick for me on my iBook most of the time. Every now and then though it seems to stop accepting keyboard input until you use the mouse to open a new window. Really annoying if you’ve selected text, Cmd-C for copy (which is ignored) and then pasted the previous clipboard into a document.

    Still I love the plug-in architecture – Sage is my RSS reader – and I’ve knocked up the odd search plug-in to search web sites I use regularly directly from Firefox

  2. Is the problem with opening PDFs in Firefox? Or rather with closing them again afterwards… I get FF hanging regularly when I try to close or naviugate away from a PDF. To the extent that when I notice a link to a PDF I SaveAs and open it seperately in Acrobat.

    Though I am a benighted seperated brother of a PC user. It’s the “execration against Adobe” I use most often in association with difficulties with tabbed browsing, it sadly seems simply to replace the previous text: the “execration against Microsoft”.

  3. I’m among those who switched back to Safari with 10.4 — it really is pretty good. There are a few things that are still irritating — especially if you use Gmail — but overall it’s a very good browser. I’m quite pleased.

  4. I had a similar problem, it froze for a little while before opening a new window. I recompiled Firefox from source and it fixed this problem and runs faster. If you are not able to do this then reinstall the latest version.

    Despite the occasional hiccup, Firefox is worth every penny for the Adblock extension alone; especially when used with a recent filter file. I have no idea how I ever used the web without it.

    1. To get adblock, you need to save the install file which you should then open in Firefox (file > open). Then restart Firefox.

    2. To make the magic happen, go to
    the filter directory, schroll to the bottom for the latest file and save it.

    3. Use Tools > Adblock > Preferences > Adblock Options > Import filters – now choose the file you saved earlier.

    You now have a World Wide Web free of almost all adverts.

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