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In one of the Ekklesia Project conversations, and again this afternoon, I alluded to the Theologian Cards for my Early Church History class. I checked, and only Anthony, Perpetua, Irenaeus, Athanasius, and Tertullian were available online. So I just uploaded another batch, and will work through the rest of them in my copious free time. And yes, I’ll get back to work on the Lego Church History series.

6 Basil the Great of Caesarea, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

7 Arius, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

8 Clement of Alexandria, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

10 Gregory of Nyssa, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

11 Gregory of Nazianzus, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

It’s not too hard to format and upload these, mostly just a matter of making the PDFs and JPEG from the main InDesign file, so I should be able to get a few more up here soon. (Though I put “My Cards” in the title bar, anyone interested should know that the drawings were executed by extremely gifted artist-philosopher Steve Lahey.)

3 thoughts on “My Cards

  1. I stumbled across your previous cards in looking through the site, then happened back to the main page to see the others. The cards are wonderful. I can’t decide whether it’s the art or the information, but they are just great. I will be passing along these cards to several friends. (Yes I read and understood the fair use policies.) Thanks, and please keep them coming.

  2. For the file Tertullian6.pdf, Tertullian is only pictured once and his information not given at all on the reverse. Instead, there’s 5 templates of Perpetua and Felicitas.

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