Disseminary Report

Theological Outlines, Chapter Twenty (“Mysteries of Christ’s Earthly Life”) is now, up, and in the comments thread on the “Top Trumps” entry, we’re making progress toward a basic version of the Theology Card Game of which Derek proposes a more elaborate version. And Trevor’s hard at work on the snazzy redesign of the site.

Mustn’t forget that I’m preaching Sunday.

[little note here from trevor: if anyone has a ready solution to the display problem on ie in both mac and windows platforms of the current version of the redesign I’d be happy to learn]

1 thought on “Disseminary Report

  1. I looked in both IE and Firefox on a WinXP machine and it looked good and worked well (at a quick glance). What is the problem?

    In FF there was a difficulty with the browser misjudging the size of the window, but that is a problem I get (just in the last week or so since I installed GreaseMonkey) on other sites too!

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