On the way home from the Tufte presentation that I blogged about yesterday, Trevor and I stopped off at a Catholic bookstore so I could pick up some holy cards. Me, I think the lamination is tacky, and I prefer the ones with nineteenth-century illustrations to this batch’s Hallmark-y airbushed effects, but it’s delightful to have a handful of holy cards that aren’t just printed images from online sources. I suppose the lamination renders them more durably eligible for blessing with Holy Water.

We’ve been churning out chapters of Theological Outlines. Here are Chapter Ten (“The Trinity”), Chapter Eleven (“The Divine Economies”), Chapter Twelve (“Creation”), Chapter Thirteen (“Angelology”), and Chapter Fourteen (“Man” — hey, it’s from the nineteenth century). The wonderful folks at Christ Church, New Haven have lent us their copy of Volume Three, so that should be arriving in the mail soon. We’ll start posting the chapters from Volume Three as soon as we can.

Si is leaving for college in about ten days. Between Laura and Marlboro, his consciousness has already, to a great extent, left. He’s a fantastic guy, and I’ll miss him a lot, but it’ll be something of a relief when his brain and his body are more nearly in the same place.

Jane, this was a picture I didn’t need to see — esepcially with the annotation that you “didn’t hit much.” On the other hand, I’m glad to be on your good side.

Speaking of Edward Tufte and his antipathy to PowerPoint, here’s today’s Foxtrot comic.

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