Ubi Caritas

Brother Roger, founder of the ecumenical Taizé Community, has been murdered.

“You wept at the grave of Lazarus, your friend; comfort us in our sorrow.”

Few details are available, but this sounds just horrible; pray for his assailant, for the horrified witnesses, and for the community, as everyone who’s acquainted with Taizé and their work wonders how such a thing could happen. (Via Jordon)

4 thoughts on “Ubi Caritas

  1. Wow. Uhm. I’m finding this harder to frame and speak about than terrorist attacks. I very much respected brother roger. I’ve long hoped to pilgrimage to Taize and to shake his hand anonymously.

    May God stand between the Taize community and despair, and anger during there journey through this dark place.

  2. Ah. Sad.

    I posted the email from Taize on my blog. That is a generous community.

    “Christ of compassion, you enable us to be in communion with those
    who have gone before us, and who can remain so close to us. We
    confide into your hands our Brother Roger. He already contemplates
    the invisible. In his footsteps, you are preparing us to welcome a
    radiance of your brightness.”

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